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Steambot Laser Challenge
Challenge the Steambots Lasers!

Steambot Laser Challenge - an Indoor Majorca Attraction

Steambot Challenge

Kilgore Goode’s Steambots have set up a barrier using lasers to keep you from entering his secret laboratory. Using agility, quick thinking, and speed, you must avoid a field of laser beams to break through and complete your mission objectives. If you’re quick on their feet and up for a challenge, play through all four levels: easy, medium, hard, and expert. Take on the challenge of beating the high score of the day and become the leader of the pack.

Laser Buster

For the smallest adventurers, the Laser Buster is the perfect way to test your ability to break into Kilgore’s Lab. Let loose and jump around through a field of laser beams to break as many as possible under a time crunch. Energy-filled players will love the addicting fun of beams that pop back to life once they’ve all been broken.